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90 That's full-time at Osmanli Stadi. The final score is 3-3.
90 Trabzonspor drive forward but Dame N'Doye is judged offside.
90 The fourth official's board shows 6 minutes, which will be added to the 2nd half.
90 Osmanlispor drive forward and Musa Cagiran gets in a shot. Without netting, however.
86 Onur Kivrak has recovered and rejoins the match in Sincan.
86 Halis Ozkahya has blown to resume play in Sincan.
84 Play has been temporarily suspended for attention to Onur Kivrak for Trabzonspor who is writhing in pain on the pitch.
83 That's a fine assist from Tiago Pinto.
83 Goal! Musa Cagiran (Osmanlispor) levels the score at 3-3 with a header in Sincan.
81 Osmanlispor's Sokol Cikalleshi attacks the ball with his head but his effort fails to hit the target.
80 Trabzonspor have been awarded a corner by Halis Ozkahya.
80 Trabzonspor make their third substitution with Dame N'Doye replacing Hugo Rodallega.
78 Trabzonspor's Yusuf Yazici gets his shot away but it misses the target.
77 Jose Sosa for Trabzonspor has been booked by Halis Ozkahya and receives a first yellow card.
76 In Sincan Osmanlispor attack through Adrien Regattin. The finish is off target, however.
75 Osmanlispor have been awarded a corner by Halis Ozkahya.
75 Anil Karaer gets his shot on target but fails to score for Osmanlispor.
75 Corner awarded to Osmanlispor.
75 Osmanlispor's Sokol Cikalleshi gets in a shot but it is blocked by a Trabzonspor defender.
74 The away team have substituted Juraj Kucka with Matus Bero. Riza Calimbay is thus making his second change.
73 Goal! Sokol Cikalleshi pulls one back for Osmanlispor to make it 2-3.
68 Trabzonspor push forward through Hugo Rodallega, whose finish on goal is saved.
66 Trabzonspor are pushing forward but Ugur Demirok's finish is wide of the goal.
64 Juraj Kucka for Trabzonspor is back on the field again.
63 The match at Osmanli Stadi is underway again.
62 Play has been interrupted briefly in Sincan to check on Juraj Kucka, who is grimacing with pain.
62 Trabzonspor are coming forward and Olcay Sahan gets in a strike, it misses the target, however.
61 The home team have replaced Aminu Umar with Tortol Lumanza. This is the second substitution made today by Irfan Buz.
57 Joao Pereira of Trabzonspor smashes in a shot on target. The keeper saves, though.
56 Trabzonspor take a comfortable 1-3 lead thanks to Hugo Rodallega.
56 Tomas Hubocan (Trabzonspor) gets in a header but the ball hits the bar! Ohhhh so close.
56 Corner awarded to Trabzonspor.
54 Osmanlispor's Ceyhun Gulselam goes close with his head but his effort is blocked.
51 Adrien Regattin with an assist there.
51 Goal! Musa Cagiran pulls one back to make it 1-2.
51 Anil Karaer (Osmanlispor) is first to the ball but his header is off-target.
50 Osmanlispor have been awarded a corner by Halis Ozkahya.
47 In Sincan, Olcay Sahan of Trabzonspor is presented with a shooting opportunity. But the strike is blocked by the covering defence.
47 Trabzonspor push forward at Osmanli Stadi and Joao Pereira gets in a strike. This is blocked, however, by a determined Osmanlispor defence.
46 Joao Pereira is replacing Abdulkadir Omur for Trabzonspor at Osmanli Stadi.
46 Irfan Buz (Osmanlispor) is making a first substitution, with Avdija Vrsajevic replacing Muhammed Bayir.
46 The second-half is underway in Sincan.
45 The first-half is over at Osmanli Stadi.
45 The 1st half is prolonged by 1 minutes of added time.
45 Musa Cagiran's header is off-target for Osmanlispor.
44 Corner awarded to Osmanlispor.
42 Ceyhun Gulselam (Osmanlispor) has hit the post with a header.
41 Osmanlispor have been awarded a corner by Halis Ozkahya.
39 Corner awarded to Trabzonspor.
39 Trabzonspor's Juraj Kucka is on target but unsuccessful.
33 Osmanlispor's Musa Cagiran attacks the ball with his head but his effort fails to hit the target.
33 Osmanlispor have been awarded a corner by Halis Ozkahya.
31 Osmanlispor's Serdar Gurler misses with an attempt on goal.
24 Osmanlispor are pushing forward but Sokol Cikalleshi's finish is wide of the goal.
21 Adrien Regattin of Osmanlispor gets in a strike, but is off target.
15 Great play from Juraj Kucka to set up the goal.
15 Goal! Yusuf Yazici extends Trabzonspor's lead to 0-2.
13 Goal! The away team take a 0-1 lead through Filip Novak.
3 Serdar Gurler for Osmanlispor gets in a strike but fails to hit the target.
2 Osmanlispor are caught offside.
1 The first-half is just kicking off.
0 Today's match line-ups are now presented.
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