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Cherno More
Lokomotiv Plovdiv
90 Nikolai Kolev blows to end the match. The final score is 2-1.
90 At Ticha Stadium, Ante Aralica is shown a red card and sent off.
89 Fabio Martins is replacing Medi Fenush for the home team.
84 Goal! Filip Mihaljevic pulls one back for Lokomotiv Plovdiv to make it 2-1.
80 The home team have replaced Hugo Konongo with Martin Kostadinov. This is the second substitution made today by Ilian Iliev.
79 Medi Fenush (Cherno More) gets a yellow card.
74 Eliton Pardinho Toreta Junior is on a sub for Igor Banovic for Lokomotiv Plovdiv.
66 The away team replace Yanko Angelov with Parvizdzhon Umarbaev.
65 Bruno Akrapovic (Lokomotiv Plovdiv) is making a first substitution, with Ante Aralica replacing Simeon Raykov.
64 Goal! Medi Fenush extends Cherno More's lead to 2-0.
62 Cherno More make their first substitution with Martin Minchev replacing Georgi Bozhilov.
61 Atanas Zehirov is on target to give Cherno More a 1-0 advantage.
46 The second-half is underway at Ticha Stadium.
45 The first-half has ended.
40 Filip Mihaljevic is booked for the away team.
9 Igor Banovic (Lokomotiv Plovdiv) has received a yellow card from Nikolai Kolev.
1 The match has started.
0 Ilian Iliev and Bruno Akrapovic have now revealed their starting line-ups.
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