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Porto B
Sporting L. B
90 The match has come to a close in Pedroso. The final score is 0-2.
90 Sporting L. B take a comfortable 0-2 lead thanks to Cristian Ponde.
89 Diogo Daniel Pires Bras is on a sub for Pedro Delgado for Sporting L. B.
88 Cristian Ponde (Sporting L. B) has received a yellow card from Manuel Oliveira.
84 Sporting L. B make their second substitution with Cristian Ponde replacing Ary Papel.
80 Edu Pinheiro is replacing Filipe Ribeiro for the away team.
79 Luizao (Porto B) has been booked and must now be careful not to get a second yellow card.
79 Ivanildo Fernandes for Sporting L. B has been booked by Manuel Oliveira and receives a first yellow card.
72 Luizao is on a sub for Inacio for Porto B.
66 Goal! The away team take a 0-1 lead through Pedro Delgado.
62 Moreto Cassama in Porto B has been yellow-carded a second time by Manuel Oliveira and is being sent off.
62 Joao Cardoso is booked for the home team.
46 The second half has started at Estadio Dr. Jorge Sampaio.
45 The first-half has ended.
45 Porto B's Moreto Cassama has been booked in Pedroso.
1 The match is underway in Pedroso.
0 The team line-ups for today's match are now available.
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