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90 It's 3-0 as the referee blows for full-time.
89 Steven Moreira (Lorient) gets a yellow card.
87 Edouard Butin is booked for the home team.
87 Great play from Jason Berthomier to set up the goal.
87 Great finish from Edouard Butin to give Brest a 3-0 lead.
84 Brest are coming forward and Julien Faussurier gets in a strike, it misses the target, however.
82 Jean Charles Castelletto has recovered and rejoins the match in Brest.
81 The match is underway again.
81 The match at Stade Francis-Le Ble has been interrupted briefly for a check on Jean Charles Castelletto, who is down injured.
79 Jimmy Cabot (Lorient) sees red and is sent off in Brest!
78 Anthony Weber (Brest) has been booked and must now be careful not to get a second yellow card.
74 Brest make their third substitution with Johan Gastien replacing Mathias Autret.
70 Alexis Claude Maurice is replacing Pierre-Yves Hamel for Lorient at Stade Francis-Le Ble.
65 Jean-Marc Furlan (Brest) is making a second substitution, with Edouard Butin replacing Gaetan Charbonnier.
62 The away team have replaced Sylvain Marveaux with Jimmy Cabot. This is the second substitution made today by Mickael Landreau.
61 In Brest, Denis Bouanga of Lorient is presented with a shooting opportunity. But the strike is blocked by the covering defence.
59 Brest push forward at Stade Francis-Le Ble and Jean Charles Castelletto gets in a great header. The attempt is cleared by the Lorient defence.
59 Corner awarded to Brest.
59 Denis Bouanga is back on the pitch.
53 Play is underway once more.
53 The match has been stopped briefly for attention to the injured Denis Bouanga.
47 Brest take a comfortable 2-0 lead thanks to Jason Berthomier.
47 Gaetan Charbonnier hits the post! Very nearly a goal there for Brest!
46 Mickael Landreau is making the team's first substitution at Stade Francis-Le Ble with Denis Bouanga replacing Franklin Wadja.
46 The second-half has started.
45 Amaury Delerue blows to end the first-half.
42 Corner awarded to Brest.
39 Yoane Wissa (Lorient) leaves the pitch after receiving two yellow cards.
37 Brest's Quentin Bernard is back in action after a slight knock.
36 The match at Stade Francis-Le Ble is underway again.
35 Quentin Bernard is down and play has been interrupted for a few moments.
34 Lorient have been awarded a corner by Amaury Delerue.
34 Corner awarded to Lorient.
32 At Stade Francis-Le Ble, Gaetan Charbonnier has been yellow-carded for the home team.
25 Mathias Autret instrumental with a fine assist.
25 Goal! Gaetan Charbonnier gives Brest a 1-0 lead.
19 Brest have been awarded a corner by Amaury Delerue.
17 Brest's Anthony Weber looks ok and returns to the pitch.
16 Great shot from Brest's Habib Diallo but he is denied by the crossbar.
16 The match in Brest is underway once more.
14 Amaury Delerue waits before resuming play because Anthony Weber for Brest is still down.
14 Corner awarded to Brest.
13 Julien Faussurier (Brest) gets in a strike but the shot is blocked by a defender.
12 Lorient have been awarded a corner by Amaury Delerue.
10 The home team have substituted Gaetan Belaud with Jason Berthomier. Jean-Marc Furlan is thus making his first change.
6 Gaetan Belaud returns to the field for Brest after picking up a slight injury.
5 Play has been resumed.
5 Yoane Wissa (Lorient) has received a first yellow card.
4 Play has been interrupted briefly in Brest to check on Gaetan Belaud, who is grimacing with pain.
1 Jessy Pi of Brest gets in a strike, but is off target.
1 The match has started.
0 The line-ups for today's big match in Brest are now available.
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