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El Nacional
90 It's 1-2 as the referee blows for full-time.
92 Paul Velez is making the team's third substitution at Olimpico Atahualpa with Armando Gomez replacing Juan Tevez.
88 Elvis Patta is on target to give Macara a 1-2 advantage.
86 The away team have replaced Carlos Arboleda with Elvis Patta. This is the second substitution made today by Paul Velez.
85 Daniel Samaniego is on a sub for Christian Cordero for El Nacional.
85 The home team replace Manu Balda with Jorge Ordonez.
78 At Olimpico Atahualpa, Galo Corozo has been yellow-carded for the away team.
72 Jose Cazares is replacing Ronald Champang for Macara at Olimpico Atahualpa.
71 El Nacional make their first substitution with Daniel Angulo replacing Jonny Uchuari.
71 Carlos Arboleda is booked for the away team.
49 El Nacional's Miguel Parrales has been booked in Quito.
49 Javier Quinonez (El Nacional) gets a yellow card.
46 The second-half is underway in Quito.
45 The whistle has gone to end the first-half.
38 Goal! Macara go level at 1-1 through Ricardo Acosta in Quito.
17 El Nacional take a 1-0 lead thanks to Miguel Parrales.
1 The match is underway at Olimpico Atahualpa.
0 The team line-ups for today's match at Olimpico Atahualpa are now available.
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