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90 It's 1-2 as the referee blows for full-time.
90 Gustavo Diaz (Leon) is making a third substitution, with Luis Zamora replacing Jorge Diaz.
90 The 2nd half is prolonged by 3 minutes of added time.
90 Corner awarded to Veracruz.
89 Jorge Diaz (Leon) gets a yellow card.
88 The away team replace Mauro Boselli with Claudio Gonzalez.
85 Leon have been awarded a corner by Fernando Guerrero.
84 In Veracruz, Cristian Menendez (Veracruz) misses the target with a header.
82 The home team have replaced Daniel Villalva with Jefferson Murillo. This is the second substitution made today by Guillermo Alejandro Vazquez Herrera.
81 Goal! Andres Andrade gives Leon a 1-2 lead in Veracruz.
80 Fernando Guerrero blows against Leon's Mauro Boselli for offside.
76 Gustavo Diaz is making the team's first substitution at Estadio Luis Pirata Fuente with Andres Andrade replacing Maximiliano Cerato.
70 Leon's Juan Cornejo has been booked in Veracruz.
68 Leon are pushing forward but Juan Cornejo's finish is wide of the goal.
63 Daniel Villalva is back on the pitch.
62 Richard Ruiz with an assist there.
62 Goal! Cristian Menendez (Veracruz) levels the score at 1-1 with a header.
59 Luis Montes (Leon) has received a first yellow card.
58 The match at Estadio Luis Pirata Fuente is underway again.
57 Attention is being given to Veracruz’s Daniel Villalva and play has been suspended briefly.
55 Osmar Mares (Veracruz) has been booked and must now be careful not to get a second yellow card.
53 Cristian Menendez for Veracruz gets in a strike but fails to hit the target.
51 Corner awarded to Veracruz.
46 Cristian Menendez is on a sub for Wilder Cartagena for Veracruz.
46 Fernando Guerrero has blown to start the second-half.
45 The whistle has gone to end the first-half.
42 Great play from Luis Montes to set up the goal.
42 Mauro Boselli scores with a header and the away team now lead 0-1.
39 Cristian Torres (Leon) has received a yellow card from Fernando Guerrero.
36 Veracruz surge into the attack at Estadio Luis Pirata Fuente but Miguel Murillo’s header is off-target.
28 In Veracruz Veracruz drive forward through Carlos Esquivel. His shot is on target but it's saved.
27 Veracruz's Daniel Villalva attacks the ball with his head but his effort fails to hit the target.
26 Leon have been awarded a corner by Fernando Guerrero.
26 Leon's Luis Montes gets in a shot on goal at Estadio Luis Pirata Fuente. But the effort is unsuccessful.
25 Leon have been awarded a corner by Fernando Guerrero.
14 Corner awarded to Veracruz.
6 Veracruz have been awarded a corner by Fernando Guerrero.
4 Veracruz are too eager and fall into an offside trap.
2 Corner awarded to Leon.
1 Mauro Boselli (Leon) is first to the ball but his header is off-target.
1 The first-half is now underway.
0 The big names in today's match at Estadio Luis Pirata Fuente have now been confirmed.
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