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Stjarnan G
90 The match has come to a close in Gardabaer. The final score is 3-0.
90 Stjarnan G's Gudjon Baldvinsson breaks free at Samsung Vollurinn. But the strike goes wide of the post.
90 3 minutes of injury time will be added to the 2nd half.
90 Kalju push forward at Samsung Vollurinn and Igor Subbotin gets in a great header. The attempt is cleared by the Stjarnan G defence.
90 Kalju push forward at Samsung Vollurinn and Liliu gets in a strike. This is blocked, however, by a determined Stjarnan G defence.
84 Kalju are caught offside.
80 At Samsung Vollurinn, Brynjar Gauti Gudjonsson has been yellow-carded for the home team.
76 Stjarnan G attack but Johann Laxdal's header doesn't find the target.
76 Stjarnan G have been awarded a corner by Radek Prihoda.
75 In Gardabaer, Hilmar Arni Halldorsson of Stjarnan G is presented with a shooting opportunity. But the strike is blocked by the covering defence.
74 The home team replace Alex Thor Hauksson with Solvi Snaer Fodilsson.
70 Sergey Frantsev is making the team's second substitution at Samsung Vollurinn with Kaspar Paur replacing Aleksandr Volkov.
70 Daniel Laxdal with an assist there.
70 It's now 3-0 in Gardabaer as Gudjon Baldvinsson scores for Stjarnan G.
61 In Gardabaer Stjarnan G attack through Thorarinn Ingi Valdimarsson. The finish is off target, however.
58 Johann Laxdal is replacing Thorsteinn Mar Ragnarsson for Stjarnan G at Samsung Vollurinn.
56 Runar Pall Sigmundsson (Stjarnan G) is making a first substitution, with Eyjolfur Hedinsson replacing Gudmundur Hafsteinsson.
54 Igor Subbotin for Kalju gets in a strike but fails to hit the target.
53 Liliu (Kalju) gets in a strike but the shot is blocked by a defender.
51 Kalju are pushing forward but Igor Subbotin's finish is wide of the goal.
49 Goal! Baldur Sigurdsson extends Stjarnan G's lead to 2-0.
48 William Gustavo is booked for the away team.
47 Stjarnan G's Thorarinn Ingi Valdimarsson gets his shot away but it misses the target.
47 Hilmar Arni Halldorsson (Stjarnan G) goes for goal but the shot is blocked by an alert defence.
46 The away team have replaced Rimo Hunt with Deniss Tjapkin. This is the first substitution made today by Sergey Frantsev.
46 Radek Prihoda has blown to start the second-half.
45 The first half has been concluded at Samsung Vollurinn.
40 Corner awarded to Stjarnan G.
37 Stjarnan G's Brynjar Gauti Gudjonsson gets in a shot but it is blocked by a Kalju defender.
35 Stjarnan G's Gudmundur Hafsteinsson misses with an attempt on goal.
31 In Gardabaer Stjarnan G drive forward through Hilmar Arni Halldorsson. His shot is on target but it's saved.
28 Gudmundur Hafsteinsson (Stjarnan G) gets in a header on goal but the attempt is cleared.
27 Stjarnan G have been awarded a corner by Radek Prihoda.
27 Corner awarded to Stjarnan G.
27 Stjarnan G's Thorarinn Ingi Valdimarsson is on target but unsuccessful.
26 Kalju are whistled for offside.
18 Hilmar Arni Halldorsson nets and Stjarnan G now lead 1-0. The goal came from the penalty spot.
18 Penalty! Radek Prihoda points to the spot, great chance for Stjarnan G...
14 Hilmar Arni Halldorsson (Stjarnan G) is given an opening but the shot is blocked by a defender.
14 Important block from the Stjarnan G defence as William Gustavo fires in a strike for Kalju.
9 Kalju are coming forward and Marko Brtan gets in a strike, it misses the target, however.
3 Gudjon Baldvinsson of Stjarnan G gets in a strike, but is off target.
2 Stjarnan G have been awarded a corner by Radek Prihoda.
1 The whistle has gone to start the match.
0 The official line-ups for today's match are out.
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